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Part 1 of our visit report of Convergence 2015, Barcelona

04 december 2015

“Digital is changing how business gets done”

Jean-Philippe Courtois (President – Microsoft International) hosts the opening keynote of this years Microsoft Convergence.

Despite all possibilities of a digital world, most companies are only using a very small part of those possibilities. Although these organizations are aware of the need to integrate digital processes, they simply don’t fully understand what “digital transformation” means and what they need to do to become “transformed”.

4 lessons learned

  1. 94% of businesses have some sort of digital strategy in place, but there is confusion on what it is (Forrester).
  2. To succeed you need to shape your business around customer outcomes and desires.
  3. Data security and analytics are high priority for driving a superior customer experience.
  4. Building a digital business transformation strategy is a teamsport.

Next one up is Chris Caposella (Chief Marketing Officer – Microsoft). He talks about the different types of systems, ranging from the past (client server computing) to the present/future (Cloud + data)

  • Client-server -> Systems of record
  • Web/mobile devices -> Systems of engagement
  • Cloud + data -> Systems of intelligence

Chris continues on Business Transformation and how Cloud can support this process. Transforming to a smart and personal solution.

  • Create – more personal computing
  • Reinvent – productivity & business process
  • Build – the intelligent cloud (picture)

Diving deeper in to one of the topcis regarding Business Transformation; Reinventing productivity & business process. There’s a lot of information out there, so how can we use this to reinvent our productivity and business process?

  • Built for teams and networks
  • Personal & organizational insight
  • Adaptive systems
  • People centric security

Part ‘X’

This concludes part 1 of our visit report of Microsof Convergence 2015 in Barcelona. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to read the other parts of the report.