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Benefits of integration: e-commerce for your ERP system

31 december 2018 / Jaap Lucas / Sana Commerce

We believe that in every good company there’s a great company waiting to get out.

The first step is always the hardest, and we wanted to find a way to make it easier. We got to work on a solution that would make e-commerce more straightforward and efficient, and the solution turned out to be ERP integration. ERP integration means Sana uses your ERP as the foundation for your web store. 

That means the pricing structure and order calculations that were modeled to your business long ago can be automatically transferred to your new web store environment. Likewise, all relevant data entered in your web store environment will automatically appear in you ERP. Sana doesn’t carry the business logic required to calculate pricing and orders: it uses your ERP to execute all of that instead.

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