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Your next ERP system: Buy or Build

14 maart 2017 / Bruno van den Berg / Kerridge Commercial Systems

Your next ERP system: As business needs have evolved and IT has become more capable, distributors have typically favoured ready to use systems in preference to other options. Often these investments have replaced a bespoke or in-house developed system that has reached its end of life or become too costly to maintain and develop. Another common scenario is where a number of separate, non-integrated systems have become inefficient and difficult to operate. Logically, if many other companies are investing in a standard system then the overall investment should be greater and the end system more capable. It also means that there is a company who’s focus and business is to create, maintain and develop a solution for you. However, with the a ‘build’ approach, an in-house developed system has the potential to match your business needs more precisely than a standard solution. There will also be a greater sense of software ownership and control of future development, that may be important to your business.

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